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Just like we need the right kind of energy to power our phones and cars, we need the right kind of energy to power our business. 

You know that feeling you get when you only have one or two bars on your cellphone? Or your battery on your cell is dying and you can’t find a charger?

How about driving your car on empty, hoping – no PRAYING, you’ll make it to the nearest gas station? 

Are you familiar with that pang of fear? It’s usually followed by different degrees of panic as you imagine all the bad things that could happen. 

But what if you never had to worry about running out of power or gas? What if you never had to worry about doing what you need to do, getting where you need to go or just being safe? 

Most people do not know how to have this critical sales conversation or that this is THE key skill to propel their business forward. All aspects of life require this process and one where you're authentically you and ehlp someone see the value you have - product or service.

Through a 5-Step Series I will walk you through how to not just Sell, but Convert.

Selling a product, idea or a service you are offering – like coaching – isn’t always easy. However, one thing that will make your sale smoother and more genuine is selling with soul. In other words, using heart-based selling principles to build a better business and attract longer-term clients.

Being Your Most Genuine Self

This process will help you enter into every consult knowing that you have the skills to confidently lead that person to a buying decision, IS where you turn your hobby into a business.

Heart-Based Conversions

What does heart-based selling, or selling with a soul, really mean? First of all, it starts with creating a product that you genuinely believe in; if there is a lack of authenticity in what you’re selling, consumers will recognize it.

The second step of selling with a soul is using means to market and attract customers that are organic and honest. Rather than lying about what your product can do, why not write an honest blog about what motivated you to create the product in the first place? Techniques such as this can go a long way.

Being Your Most Genuine Self

Remember, in order to sell with soul, you need to be the most genuine and authentic version of yourself. If you’re not, others will see right through it. You will also encounter more difficulties along the way due to negatively impacted and interrupted energy flow.

But let me be clear. Consults are a skill, they are not a downloadable script from the internet.

This conversation should NOT be scripted and these audios will be incredibly useful and help you have insights into the steps you need to take before, during, and even after a conversion conversation.

Let me repeat.

Conversations should NOT be scripted. Unless you want your client to feel like they are on the other end of a telemarketer call and you're here because you want a very different approach..

They should be business, matter of fact and have an element of fun. (Instead of doubting every word that comes out of your mouth.)

They should give your client a massive transformation. One so massive that they tell people, “You have to work with my coach!” even before they have their first paid call.

But skills take time to learn.

Mastering consults through trial and error takes years and you’re not bringing cash into your business while you’re “practicing” either.

Not to mention you already have a consult looming on the calendar.

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  • The psychology of selling life coaching (or business, health, weight, or any other kind of coaching). This is the complete opposite of how your brain wants you to behave in social situations, so it takes some getting used to.
  • The one thing that has to happen… or your client will be a NO.
  • A series of calls with real clients and real issues and helping them solve those and reset them into a sal.
  • Follow-up calls with Sheevaun that will elevate you, your conversations, your abilities and where to course correct.

Who is This For?

While I’d like to help as many people as possible, I do understand the POWERFUL SALES PACKAGE isn’t for everyone. 

It’s really just for the rule-breakers and troublemakers, the people who are crazy enough to try something different, to actually BE different. 

When you're ready to make real leaps in your sales and conversations where it always feels like a win for them, a win for you and a win for their customers.

This program is for the people who know something greater is possible. Greater than what this reality would have us believe.

Our POWERFUL SALES PACKAGE is the fundamental training required to uproot limiting messages embedded in your energetic field. 

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By unwinding and untangling these messages you begin to experience a level of freedom and possibility that is the foundation for true prosperity and abundance.

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