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Who Are We?

We are a group of committed and driven people with the common belief that Energy is EVERYTHING and that we each have a higher mission. We start each day with a collective intention. Our collective energy ignites and fuels the business and our clients. We believe that when we center ourselves in the morning, we better serve our clients and our community. 

We know that life happens and yet strive to achieve at higher levels of commitment to our clients and prospects. 

We believe that you must Act with Integrity. Always. Honesty is always the best policy at Energetic Solutions and we hold each other to the highest standard. We are genuine and passionate souls on a mission to give our clients and community the best of ourselves. Our true selves. So we act with genuine love and compassion for all and at all times.

We believe Strong Communities and Strong Communication with each other makes Strong People and Successes the Seem Miraculous. We strive to improve the lives of individuals, but we recognize that this is just the first layer of creating a more abundant and prosperous life. Having a community to support and help each other evolve into their highest form is a necessity. So through social media, events, and so much more we look to create a community where the individual can thrive.

What Do We Do?

We create Big Impacts! We don’t just help our clients reach their goals. We help our clients surpass them! Our clients are our #1 priority and we shower them with love as much as possible.

We Over Deliver! By over delivering we show our clients how much they truly mean to us. This means having a one-on-one connection and giving them more support and more value than they expect or is required

Make Each Day Brighter! Poopyville is no place for our clients, or us, so we are resolved to making sure each day is better and brighter.

We walk our Own Talk! If you want to see the change, you must lead by example. 

What Positions Are Available?
Virtual Executive Assistant
Duties and Responsibilities: 
  • ​Follow up with calls, client scheduling and work with our team to coordinate
  • ​High touch is our motto
  • ​Assist with team projects, clients connections and internal activities
  • ​Some social scheduling
  • ​Onboarding of new clients
  • ​Good written skills for editing and proofing of what's already written
  • ​Once a year in person contribution to our live event (not required but a wish)
Must Have: 
  • ​Love of speaking to clients and prospects
  • ​Highly Organized - we use Trello 
  • ​Excellent communication skills
  • ​Positive attitude and proactive problem solver
  • ​Proven record of being a collaborator, contributor and out of the box thinker
Coaching / Enrollment Specialist
Duties and Responsibilities: 
  • ​Coach clients to facilitate their goals, commitments and next level of health and wealth
  • ​Follow up Client opportunities, leads and give a high touch service that leads to a satisfied solution
  • ​Assist with team projects, clients connections and internal activities
  • ​Be connective and collaborative and creative
  • ​Take a call from opportunity to enrolled into the right next step
Must Have: 
  • ​Proven experience as a coach for multiple types of circumstances
  • ​Organized
  • ​Wonderful communication 
  • ​Positive attitude and problem solver
  • ​Loves high touch type of organization
  • ​Conscious
  • ​Creates value everywhere and knows how to bring the prospect through to yes of the program
  • ​Proven record of engaging clients and helping them find next steps with ease

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