Bring Life-changing Wealth & Prosperity into Your Life!

AND unleash human potential with the most advanced transformational technology available...

… WITHOUT Compromising Your Values, Sacrificing Your Spirituality, or Becoming a Sleazy Salesperson

(This helps you unstick your

Hi, I’m Sheevaun.

For the last 2 decades (and change), I’ve helped people — just like yougenerate 7, 8, even 9 figures of prosperity, wealth…

NOT by teaching standard business principles that you can find on Google for free...

NOT by telling them to invest their life savings and hope for the best...

We will NOT describe the old, outdated method of "30 Years of Hustling + Extreme Budgeting" for retiring a millionaire...

AND CERTAINLY NOT by asking anyone to compromise their values, get into shady business deals, or knock anyone over on their “climb to the top”…

Instead, I’ve helped tens of thousands of souls attract and achieve unbelievable, life-changing wealth into their lives by showing them how to create:

Money and Energetic Alignment

People who need my help most often are entrepreneurs, teams, families, leaders who are stuck and feel they've tried everything to raise the financial glass ceiling they seem to be stuck under. Other people are seasoned business owners who need a boost to claim their prosperity zone.

For the majority of my clients, the process looks and sounds something like this (maybe you can relate...):

Heard far too frequently...

“I KEEP Trying to Make More Money, but NOTHING Seems to Work & I Know I Have It in Me. AND... It’s Been YEARS!”

You know how this goes.

January 1st or the next month comes around. The great goal and then...reset!

Or you see an inspiring post on social media about someone who’s crushing it in their business—over $100,000 during a course launch in just 4 weeks!—and wonder, “Wow they're doing amazing, am I ever going to get there?”

Or you celebrate your birthday—a reminder that you’re one year older and no closer to accomplishing your goals.

Or you see how much it’s going to cost to take that DREAM vacation now that you’re vaccinated and can actually travel again.


You think, “This is it. It’s now or never. I’m finally going to do whatever it takes to make my money dreams happen.”

But then just a couple weeks (or months) go by, and this newfound commitment has already started to fade.

Doubt has creeped in as you start to face rejection from the people you most want to work with.

You’re sick of hearing “No!” after “No!” after “No!”

You’re feeling frustrated that you’re not “further ahead” after all your hard work.

You can see all the challenges that are ahead, and your fear and panic is multiplying. Sometimes, the stress is so intense, it feels like it could destroy you.

And you feel all this stress as knots in your chest.

So it makes sense when you get distracted by that “magic bullet” that pops up in your Facebook newsfeed because it seems like WAY more fun than the pain you’re sitting in now.

You sign up for training after training, thinking if you just had more BUSINESS skills, tools, secrets, formulas…

… then this whole making-more-money thing would just *CLICK* into place.

But just as you start to make it happen, you get sidetracked with yet another shiny thing.

Then the cycle just continues.

And now you’re MORE tired, MORE frustrated, and left wondering if you’re just not the kind of person who’s cut out for entrepreneurship. Or for making lots of money.

The ones who are able to figure it out must have some sort of “lucky success gene” or something and clearly you don’t… right?!

And that’s when you start to think, “Maybe I should just focus on being fine with what I have.”

Welcome to the Gap between Great Intention

and Great Outcomes

You, my friend, are trapped in the Abyss of Stuckness.

And it is NOT a lack of talent, skill, or worth that is keeping you here.

Because if it were…

… that last course would have been all you needed.

That last coach who taught you how to set up sales funnels, or do email campaigns, or close a deal with his “6-Step Sales Consult Formula…”

… would have resulted in you doubling, tripling, even quadrupling your income.

But it didn’t.

And I’m guessing that even if you saw SOME success…

Even if you got a sweet taste of the kind of money-making results you’ve been hoping for…

Something happened to wipe it all out.

So, why would doing more of the same give you different results?

(SPOILER ALERT: It won’t.)

Here’s what I’ve proved over 20 years of helping tens of thousands of people double, triple, or even 5X their income...

When You Change Your Energy to Get Activated at the Right Aligned Prosperous FLOW, Money WILL become yours more Effortlessly and You will be able to Master the Ability to Transform Crisis into Prosperity Breakthroughs!

How does it work?

I’m so glad you asked! :-)

Let’s break it down into three parts…

ONE: Free Yourself from Negativity & Life Sucking Entanglements

Throughout your life, you have had conversations, experiences, struggles, and relationships that have shaped your emotional attachment to your views on YOUR ability to create money.

If you aren’t currently making the money you want to be making…

… you are wrapped up in OLD behavior, mind, and energetic entanglements that are keeping you stuck.

Maybe you saw a news segment where a wealthy person made a decision that harmed thousands of others and it sickened you and you threw your hands up and said "See".

Maybe a well-meaning parent or teacher told you over and over again, “We can’t afford that” or “Money doesn’t grow on trees, you have to work your a** off!”

Or perhaps you experienced financial hardship in your past, and the fear of being in that situation again keeps you from moving forward today.

These entanglements are what create the feeling of being stuck as if you're under a glass ceiling or wall of water and can see the possibility but it's just arms reach away.

Like some force is keeping you at your current income level and it would be near impossible to break through.

But when you learn an energetic and mindshift method todetach from these old experiences that are holding you back today, you get FREE to do, become, and achieve whatever you want.

YOU’VE become the new author of your own life!

TWO: Expasion of Your Earnings Container

Have you ever been to one of those build-your-own frozen yogurt shops?

The ones where you pull down the handle on your favorite flavor (or flavors) and then head on over to the topping counter to start filling up on cereal, sprinkles, fruit, brownie bites, fudge, and whipped cream.

Well, the very FIRST thing you do when you walk into the store is you choose a cup size (small, medium, or large).

The size you choose determines how much STUFF you can eat.

Because if you choose small and you keep piling, piling, piling on the goodies… they’ll eventually end up on the floor!

You can only have as much good stuff as you can fit in your cup.

The same is true for money and prosperity in all its forms.

You’ve settled on a certain “cup.” (I call it an Earning Container.)

Maybe it’s $75,000/year or $150,000/year or $150,000/MONTH… It doesn’t matter.

In your mind, that’s all the money you can contain. And unless you expand your container, anytime you DO make more money than that…

It’ll end up on the floor! (AKA you’ll lose it in some way.)

BUT, expand your Earning Container… And you can easily fit—and keep—more money in your life.

THREE: Learn How to Make More Without “Selling”

I cannot even begin to count the number of courses out there that teach you how to SELL products and services to people.

They say to “mirror” the person you’re talking to so they feel comfortable.

(When they scratch their nose, you’ll scratch your nose.)

They say to speak in BENEFITS, instead of features.

They say to repeat the prospect’s language back to them so that you’re selling using THEIR words.

Here’s the thing…

Not only have you already heard all of this stuff.

But also, if you’re not in energetic alignment with sales, NONE of this stuff will work!

(Enter: Self-sabotage. Insurmountable anxiety. Too afraid to follow up.)

Instead, when you’re aligned, “sales” meetings become conversations with friends.

They flow naturally. They’re easy. They’re FUN. And they result in you getting paid without feeling gross about it!

Now, when I share this 3-part process to get energetically aligned with prosperity, people tend to think…

“Well, that’s great Sheevaun, but won’t that take YEARS?”

“Do I now need to hire a therapist to dig up every childhood event where money was discussed?”

“Do I have to journal affirmations until my fingers fall off about choosing a bigger yogurt cup?”

My answer to all these questions: HECK NO!!

And actually, PLEASE don’t!

Because I’m about to show you just how simple it is to start attracting unbelievable wealth into your life.

Just like my clients who went on to achieve results like…

  • Making $3,500 on DAY ONE of joining the program.

  • Going from absolutely broke to earning $750,000 in 12 months (and a few million in the 3 years after that!)

  • Struggling with inconsistent income to making AT LEAST $25,000 every single month.

  • … and so, SO much more!

Now, it’s time for YOU to get in alignment with prosperity so YOU can achieve results like these too.

Here’s how:

Introducing… Unleash Your Infinite Prosperity

—The 8-Video Online Program That’ll Help You Quickly & Easily Manifest Unbelievable Wealth

Not ONLY have the energetic protocols taught in this program changed the lives of tens of thousands of people—just like you...

But they’re also responsible for generating 7, 8, and 9 figures of ADDED income for many of my clients.

Including a few you may have heard of…

  • Founder and former CEO of Chicken Soup for the Soul® Enterprises, Jack Canfield

  • Money expert, sought-after speaker, entrepreneurial thought leader, and best-selling author, the “Millionaire Maker”... Loral Langemeier (YES—you read that right. The MILLIONAIRE Maker hired ME to help her get into alignment with more wealth and prosperity.)

  • Self-help author, coach, lecturer, and teacher, most known for her New York Times best-selling book, The Dark Side of the Light ChasersDebbie Ford

  • The founder and creator of AQUAhydrate bottled water, who (with my help) landed Mark Wahlberg, Sean “Diddy” Combs, & Celebrity Fitness Instructor Jillian Michaels as investors and his product is now sold all over the world… Richard Berry

  • … and MANY more that I’m contractually not allowed to mention!

So, How Did Privately Coaching Celebrity Clients

Turn Into Me Creating the 8 Unleash Your Infinite Prosperity Videos That Will Transform Your Life?

It all began when my friend, Janet, approached me for help after YEARS of trying to secure a hospital contract for breast imaging equipment that would change women’s health and medicine forever.

She had put almost $10 MILLION (of her own money from selling another company) into trying to turn this technology into a business that would make her an income AND make an impact, but no matter how much she invested…

She couldn’t seem to get anyone to say “Yes!” to using it.

And if that wasn’t hard enough, for the entire 4 years she was working on this venture, she figured out how to live on only $2,000/year so that all of her available cash could be put into the start-up business.

I knew from her story that she was out of energetic alignment. And THAT’S why she wasn’t able to sell her equipment.

So, I put together some audio recordings and told her to listen to them 3 times.

The first two times, I told her to just have them on in the background. And for the third time, I instructed her to listen while taking notes.

After that, I DARED her to approach Kaiser Permanente—one of the largest nonprofit healthcare organizations in the country—to secure her first hospital contract while FORGETTING all the traditional “sales” techniques that she had been using to no avail for so long.

And that’s exactly what she did! After listening to these audio recordings just THREE times…

Janet SECURED a multiMILLION-dollar contract with Kaiser Permanente and has KEPT that contract for the last 10 years!!

These exact audio recordings have turned into the 8 videos YOU get when you join Unleash Your Infinite Prosperity today.

(SIDE NOTE: Each video is only about 30 minutes long. Which means that you can listen to one per day on headphones during breakfast OR enjoy them all

in one afternoon binge that’ll take you less time than watching last

season of Bridgerton! Your choice!)

Want access to all 8 Unleash Your Infinite Prosperity videos so that you can easily and effortlessly attract life-changing wealth & prosperity into your life?

Just click the button below right now:

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Hear Straight from Those Who Have Watched These 8 Life-Changing Videos...

Sue Prescott

As I was coming out of corporate I was so overwhelmed until I started working with Sheevaun. She IS the reason my business and life are so well tuned and aligned.

Courtney Harter

“When I joined Unleash Your Infinite Prosperity, I was about to leave my job, and my business income was very, very small (like $15k a year).

I knew I was limited in understanding abundance, but after going through the first few videos, I noticed small shifts. It seemed to make much more sense than anything I’d ever learned.

Now, my business makes $40,000 A MONTH, which is more money than I ever thought possible!”

Susie Ridgeway

“I was about to get fired from my job as a mortgage broker because I was making so little money for my employers.

(And since I worked on commission, I barely made any money myself.)

That’s when I discovered Sheevaun and her work. Using just ONE of the techniques she taught me, multiple times a day…

One technique that took seconds and can be done anywhere & anytime…

I made $472,800 in the next 12 months. More than ANY other broker at my office!!”

Janice Solomon

“I was stuck in my business and not making much income. I went through all 8 videos and got a $10,000 raise AND generated several new high-income sources in just 30 days!

Fiona Westby

“I was a real estate multimillionaire. But a traumatic relationship and challenges with my health took me to travel around the Eastern part of the world to learn ancient healing techniques.

It changed my life so much that when I came back home, I wanted to change my profession to a healer. The only problem was, even with all my business and sales experience, I couldn’t figure out how to make money as a healer.

That’s where Sheevaun stepped in. After learning a few techniques from her, EVERYTHING changed.

I’m now back to making MILLIONS (but this time) serving in a much more authentic way doing something I love. AND my new relationship is a huge success, too!”

Mara Glazer, Direct Response Copy Girl

“After going through this program I had the biggest month ever in my copywriting business."

(And the 5 AMAZING Bonuses You Haven’t Even Told Me About Yet, for FREE Now!)

Need a bit more info before you’re ready to say, “YES”?

I totally get that!

Here’s a video-by-video breakdown of exactly what you’ll learn once you access this transformative program:

VIDEO 1: Getting Prosperity to Flow Daily

  • What squirrel-watching can teach you about making an increase in income INEVITABLE!

  • How to circumvent the Principle of Lag Time for FAST results.

  • My TWO “Letting Go” Processes—Candy for the Brain and Cut the Cord—for getting money-making ideas to flow to you daily.

VIDEO 2: How to Disconnect from Negativity

  • The single MOST common childhood program that holds you back from breaking the glass ceiling on your income, and how one slip of paper can help you break free.

  • How to discover where your fear originated, and my proven technique for not letting it hold you back any longer.

  • How to FIRE worry from the job you’ve given it as your protector in life. (With no severance pay!)

VIDEO 3: The Attitude of Gratitude

  • How visiting your internal “Gift Shop” can change any experience in your life.

  • The Two-Word Manifestation Technique that makes your dreams a reality.

  • Finding freedom from the unforgivable experiences that are holding you back from the prosperity you desire.

VIDEO 4: Attract New Clients (or Customers, or Contracts)

  • How to have people showing up on your “doorstep” ASKING to work with you!

  • The energetics that DETRACT clients & customers (and how to avoid having them run from you).

  • Discover the untapped opportunities within you right now for FAST business growth & upleveling your income.

VIDEO 5: Understanding the Levels of TRUTH

  • My Simple Breathing Exercise to access your inner wisdom and make decisions from a place of complete clarity.

  • Mantras to raise your energetic vibrations to a higher frequency, which will attract miracles into your life.

  • The “Nature’s Vacuum” Technique to have the results you want in life RUSHING toward you.

VIDEO 6: Silencing the Inner Critic

  • How to CATAPULT your income while also calming the chaos of entrepreneurship so you feel focused and peaceful every day.

  • Eliminate doubt no matter how much rejection you’ve faced or how many negative people you have in your life.

  • The “boomerang shift” technique that will turn feelings of self-criticism into money in your bank account.

VIDEO 7: How to Create a MASSIVE Amount of Money & Freedom

  • The “agreement” you need to make to get into alignment with attracting ANY amount of money.

  • My unorthodox take on “free” and how it will completely reset your thinking on selling in your business.

  • How to easily attract massive amounts of money EVEN IF you don’t have a product or service to sell.

VIDEO 8: Putting It All Together

  • The MOST EFFECTIVE and easiest way to completely transform your future.

  • How to DO LESS in order to create & receive more. (Sound impossible? It’s NOT!)

  • My Daily Ritual to quickly snap you back into the flow of prosperity anytime you need.

… and so, SO much more in just FOUR hours of listening (or watching) time!

Ready to access this powerful tool that will get you in total alignment with money, income, wealth, and prosperity that you can listen to in the background while doing your weekend chores?

Just click the button below right now:

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This Is the One Business Investment That Needs to Come Before ANY Others! (Let me explain…)

When you aren’t aligned energetically with prosperity, running a business can sound a little like this…

“I’ve bought online business course after online business course. (You’d think I was collecting them or something.)

I’ve hired coaches.

I’ve attended events and retreats.

I’ve worked with an advertising agency.

I’ve joined a mastermind.

ALL of these things came with the promise of taking me from where I am to where I want to be with my business.

(AKA making double, triple, quadruple the amount of money I am now!)

Here’s the thing, though…

Some of them made no difference at all.

And the others generated some revenue (sometimes even great revenue in the beginning), but then I always seemed to end up back making the kind of money I’ve always made.”

Sound familiar?

THIS is a prime example of unaligned energetics.

And when THIS is happening, investing in more email marketing or ANOTHER marketing guru, or a better product design isn’t the answer…

No matter HOW great of a team you hire to help you.

Because your programming will continue to bring you back to your last and smallest Financial Set Point.

The amount of money that YOU believe you deserve.

BUT! When you change your Financial Set Point (like turning up the dial on your Nest thermometer)...

THEN all of a sudden, the money moves you make in your business are FAR more profitable!

And that money you make actually sticks around!

Which is why joining the Unleash Your Infinite Prosperity program and watching the 8 videos inside is the BEST investment you could make for your financial future.

Not only can you EASILY earn back the $997 investment in this program…

But you’ll also understand how to earn back any FUTURE investment you make in your business, too!

Just look at what happened to Janice when she joined…

“Two years ago, I almost walked away from what is now my $2 MILLION / YEAR business.

I was flat broke and desperate.

(Like ‘standing in the grocery store checkout line with no way to pay for my groceries’ kind of broke. It was my rock bottom.)

I had used up all my savings to get my mission, vision, and purpose out there into the world and was living on borrowed credit.

I had already taken out a loan from the bank, my parents, and a few friends to keep me going.

I tried EVERYTHING—including working with the best coaches and mentors. But I still couldn’t seem to break through.

And since I was about to quit, I had already started rehearsing what I was going to say to them. (How I was planning to tell them that even with their support, I had failed.)

That’s when I discovered Sheevaun and her 8 Unleash Your Infinite Prosperity videos.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that in just a few short weeks, I was transformed into the Powerhouse Sales Queen I am today. I never even knew I had it in me!

I closed a deal with a major hospital that I never would have thought possible before the Unleash Your Infinite Prosperity program.

And now, the business I was ready to call a failure brings in multiple 7 figures of income year after year after year.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Sheevaun, for creating these 8 videos that changed my life!!”


Now it’s YOUR turn, because you're here beautiful soul!

Make the BEST possible investment you can make in your business (and your financial future) by clicking below and joining Unleash Your Infinite Prosperity today!

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On top of the 8 Unleash Your Infinite Prosperity videos that will change your life forever, you’re also getting these FIVE FREE bonuses when you join now. (Over $3,000 value!)

BONUS#1: Rewrite Your Autobiography of Money

Instantly download this BONUS workbook, grab a pen and a separate sheet of paper, and then get ready for a WILD 30 days to unfold.

The results that come from rewriting your money story are profound, and they happen FAST!

You see, your relationship with money is deeply rooted in your consciousness (and unconsciousness). And epigenetics has taught us that some of your money hang-ups have even been passed down to you from multiple generations up your family tree!

Back to your ancestors who were affected by wars, the depression era, and many other money worries, fears, lack mentality, and limitations.

This workbook is designed to UNLOCK those deep issues and prepare you for a life where money FLOWS to you with ease!

(A $197 value)

BONUS #2: Clutter No More Transformation Audio

In order to receive—more money, more opportunities, more fruitful relationships—in our lives, there needs to be SPACE for the new to be welcomed in.

A cluttered home. A messy office. A hoarding problem. Even a disorganized to-do list blocks us from receiving all that we deserve and have been hoping for!

The Universe sees how we’re taking care of what we’ve got before deciding what else we’re open to and ready to accept.

Listen to this 15-minute meditation and find ease in getting organized to make space for all the money-making & growth opportunities that are about to show up in your life.

(A $197 Value)

BONUS #3: TWO FREE Tickets to Epic Life Success Summit LIVE Event

Once a year, I host a group workshop where I teach the principles and systems I’ve used to help more than 15,000 people create clarity, calm, and prosperity from the inside out.

These tickets are sold for $997 EACH, but when you join Unleash Your Infinite Prosperity now, you can attend—plus bring a friend—for FREE!

(A $1994 Value)

BONUS #4: One 45-Minute Acceleration Coaching Call

Get INDIVIDUALIZED feedback and coaching on how to overcome any obstacle that may be in your way. Stuck on anything you heard in the program? This call will clear it up. Still feeling old, yucky energetics holding you back? This call will set you free. Ready to take everything you learned in the program and supercharge it? This call will AMPLIFY your results!

We normally charge (and regularly receive) $750 for this type of coaching call, but when you join this program… it’s yours FREE!

(A $750 Value)

BONUS #5: Full Access to Our Private Prosperity Community!

Join a group full of other (now aligned) like-minded souls who are building businesses and sharing their EPIC work with the world WITHOUT compromising their values or hustling like a MOFO.

Have a place where you can report your wins, get inspired by others, and reach out for support if you’re feeling stuck and need to know where to turn. With this group, you’ll never have to do business alone again!


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If You’re Still Reading This Letter, You Need to Know This Offer Won’t Last Long!

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This Is Your Moment, Friend!

Because if you don’t draw a line in the sand and change YOUR relationship to money and wealth…

NOTHING else you do to try and make more money will work.

You won’t grow your business. You won’t get to realize your dreams.

You won’t have the “money is something I just never worry about” lifestyle I know you want.

(And honestly, it’s what you DESERVE.)

We’re all meant to be prosperous. In fact, it’s your birthright.

But you’ve let some bad energetic programming get in your way that keeps bringing you back to the income you’re making now.

Here’s the GREAT news: You don’t have to live like this for one second longer.

Join the Unleash Your Infinite Prosperity program today and watch these 8 videos.

You can have them on in the background while folding laundry, cooking dinner, or running errands and they’ll still work!

Let me prove it to you.

Click below and start watching today.

And then KNOW for sure that if you’re anything like the tens of thousands of people I’ve coached over the years, your life is about to change forever (for the better)!



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